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24 May 2012 @ 01:40 am
Mine (oneshot)  
Title: Mine
Author: anmeke
Pairing: Morimoto Ryutaro x Shimazaki Haruka
Rating: NC-17
Summary: He couldn't help himself, he was jealous and he knew he had to make her... his.

There that boy was, sitting on the couch with his eyes full of anger while watching the flickering lights on the tv screen. "arigatou, Tatsuya-kun" He snorted as he watched the girl and the guy named Tatsuya, exchange sweet loving smiles with each other. What's worse was, Tatsuya wasn't the only guy around. He clutched onto the pillow with more strength and could almost rip it apart.

"I'll make you mine, Haruka-chan..."


Morimoto Ryutaro was grinning to himself as the thought of meeting his girlfriend filled his mind. "Ryuu~" He turned his head and saw a petite girl running towards.him. His face instantly grew into a wide smile as he pulled her into his embrace and landed a quick peck on the lips. "mou~ ryuu-chan, you could at least greet me first" Ryutaro chuckled at his girlfriend's cuteness. "o-ha-you haruka-chan" He could still see his girlfriend pouting and couldn't resist not landing another peck on her lips. 

No one expected Ryutaro to get himself a girlfriend from the top girl group in Japan, AKB48. Even so, they all thought either Shintaro or Hokuto would actually end up with Haruka. How did Ryutaro and Haruka end up together then? No one knew either. All they knew was, Ryutaro loves Haruka a lot... to an extent where it's scary. But that did not bother her, for she was happy just by being loved by him. To her, he was the best boyfriend she could ever have.

"ne, did you watch bakaleya last night?" Ryutaro instantly stopped walking with the mere mention of the drama. "it was embarrassing to watch it myself! But i always had fun filming with your brother and the others... ryuu...?" The grip on her hand got tigther and tighter as she winced at the pain. "hah...? I'm sorry haruka-chan! Did i hurt your hand?" She could see the sincere concern in his eyes as he massaged her hand. The thought of him being an overly jealous boyfriend suddenly struck her. She always believed that it was normal for a boyfriend to get jealous but what if all this time, she was being denial about her boyfriend's over jealousy? Ryutaro noticed that Haruka was staring at him with eyes full of worries and decided to lighten up the atmosphere. "Is there something on my face? Or are you just admiring my good-looking features?" he couldn't help himself but to smirk. Haruka giggled and shook her head as she lightly pulled him to continue on their destination. 

They were nearing the traffic light when they overheard a group of girls conversing among themseleves. "kyaa! Tatsuya and Fumie looks cute together!" Some of them agreed. "No! Tetsuya and fumie make a better couple!" Ryutaro cringed at what they said and immediately dragged a confused Haruka towards another direction.


Ryutaro quickened their pace as his house came into view. He didn't care about locking the house door as he entered it and continued dragging Haruka with him towards his room. "ryuu... chan? What's wrong? Weren't we going to the amusement park?" She was afraid, very afraid. She didn't know why her boyfriend was acting this way and it was scaring her. The look in his eyes wasn't someone she knew. He drew himself closer to her and whispered huskily in her ears "I'll make you mine today" Her eyes grew wide and before she could reply, a rough kiss was given to her. 

She could feel his hands roaming all over her body and she didn't know what to do. It was wrong yet it felt so right. Ryutaro deepened their kiss as he slipped his tongue into her mouth to conquer every single part of it. As they parted for air, Haruka weakly said "I trust you ryuu-chan..." Just that one sentence and it was enough to make Ryutaro go crazy.

Whimpers could be heard in the room as Ryutaro sucked on and played with her pink buddings hugrily. He smirked as he saw her tinted cheeks and with her mouth slightly opened. He went back to her lips and brought her hand down towards his manhood. He guided her hand on his length and whispered "it would be better if your cute lips were wrapped around it" Haruka blushed harder as she made her way down, slowly engulfing the whole length with her mouth. As Haruka worked with it, Ryutaro couldn't control anymore and he shot jet streams of cum on her face and body. She was confused as to what to do next and in Ryutaro's eyes, her innocence and the way she looks now was making him hard again. As his urge for sex overtook him, he roughly pulled Haruka up to the bed, pinning her down. She felt her whole body go numb as he penetrated her without a warning. The pain came as fast as her chasity was taken. "RYUU-CHAN!! IT... IT HURTS!" Her cries of pain was ignored. He continued slamming into her, with each thrust getting deeper and deeper. This went on until soft moans were heard beneath him. His smirk became wider after hearing her mumble inaudible begs. "I can't hear you" He knew what she wanted yet he carried on with his teasing. "I... NEED YOU... MORE.. AH!" She wrapped her legs on his waist as this was driving her insane, this whole new sensation. He bit down on her neck as he reached his climax, releasing everything inside her, tainting her.

Ryutaro laid down beside Haruka, satisfied. "Are you ok?" Ryutaro was finally back to his usual self, being the caring boyfriend he was. "Dai... daijoubu" Haruka was still blushing at the whole event. He gave her a soft smile before pulling her into his embrace and mumbling, "You're only mine now... No one can take you away from me..." before falling into a deep slumber.

A/N: I got this idea when i saw the roleplaying accounts on twitter so please don't kill me TAT
namjoo: Hokku Dorkdaikingman on May 24th, 2012 10:21 am (UTC)
Omg, I love this. And I love you for making this fic. ;AAAA; I shipped these two after I saw their sweetness; Ryuu and Paruru has at twitter roleplay. :))
Merodiee: Ryutaro : Bluranmeke on May 24th, 2012 11:10 am (UTC)
SAME HERE! Surprisingly, this pairing wasn't really that weird xD And thank you for reading 8D